FAQ for TinyMCE Image & File Manager plugin PlugoBrowser

Below you can find out most frequently asked question for Image & File Manager plugin PlugoBrowser for TinyMCE. If you run into some trouble or didn't find answers here in FAQ, feel free to contact us.

Images are not showing up

For creating image thumbs is used 3rd party script called TimThumb that has some specific server issue in some rare cases. So when you're sure you have correct upload path and images are still not showing up then please open /plugobrowser/classes/PlugoBrowser.php and change everywhere you find it in this file number 777 to 755 (even from 0777 to 0755). And also change CHMOD for upload folder to 755 (and for all its subfolders if you have any there). Settings permissions is also known as CHMODing, and can be done using most FTP programs and hosting control panels. It is recommended that you contact your host about what permissions to use if you are not sure.

PlugoBrowser - Thumbnails view PlugoBrowser - List view with context menu PlugoBrowser - Insert method box PlugoBrowser - File & Images Multiupload
Thumbnails view
List view with context menu
Insert method box
File & Images Multiupload