How to install TinyMCE/CKEditor Image & File Manager plugin Plugo Browser

Here’s a quick guide, which should help you to install our PlugoBrowser plugin. Just follow instructions step by step. Try to read FAQ for additional clues and hints.

  • 1Copy "plugobrowser" folder into your TinyMCE plugins folder (see example).
  • 2Open "plugobrowser" folder and set chmod 777 to "config.ini" file.
  • 3Open your TinyMCE init file and insert into plugins "plugobrowser" and pick up location where you want to insert icon of plugin on TinyMCE bar.
    // insert into plugins "plugobrowser"
    // if there are already some other plugins just add comma => "plugobrowser,fullscreen,table,…"
    plugins: "plugobrowser",
    // Theme options
    theme_advanced_buttons1 : "plugobrowser",
  • 4Create upload folder on your webserver where you want to store all files & images and set chmod 777 for this folder.
  • 5Now you can start using plugin. Just click on icon PlugoBrowser plugin icon in TinyMCE icons menu and you will be prompt to choose relative path from plugobrowser plugin to your upload folder. Click SAVE.
  • 6You are done.
Do you have trouble with TinyMCE/CKEditor Image & File Manager plugin PlugoBrowser

Having trouble with installation?

Look into the FAQ first.
Do you think you
ve found a bug? Please, let us know.

PlugoBrowser - Thumbnails view PlugoBrowser - List view with context menu PlugoBrowser - Insert method box PlugoBrowser - File & Images Multiupload
Thumbnails view
List view with context menu
Insert method box
File & Images Multiupload