Roadmap for TinyMCE/CKEditor Image & File Manager plugin Plugo Browser

Below you can see plenty of our ideas about further development of our cool TinyMCE/CKEditor Image & File Manager plugin. Some of those feature are really cool but will take some time to implement them so we would be very happy to hear from you what would you like to see in PlugoBrowser plugin at most.

  • 1External images and files list (TinyMCE: external_image_list_url, external_media_list_url)
  • 2Context menu on folder tree items
  • 3Context menu available everywhere (not only on files/folders)
  • 4Clipboard for multiple selection of images/files
  • 5Advanced template system for inserting multiple images/files at once
  • 6Drag&drop function for moving files in tree folder menu
  • 7Table sortable function in list view
  • 8Popup image thumbnail in list view on onmouseover
  • 9More plugin translations
  • 10Watermark insertion with custom options
  • 11Choice if you want to insert images/files with relative or absoluth path link
  • 12Plugin into our plugin which enable to insert link instantly from select menu from TinyMCE/CKEditor buttons bar
  • 13Insert file icon together with file link as an option
  • 14Standalone plugins into open source CMS like e.g. Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal
  • 15CSS3 effects on inserted thumbnails (with predefined effect palette)
Are you missing some feature in TinyMCE/CKEditor Image & File Manager plugin PlugoBrowser

Are you missing some other cool feature?

Then share your idea with us. Write and tell us what you really need, what you really want, what will save you much time, what will ease your live. We would be very happy to hear from you.

PlugoBrowser - Thumbnails view PlugoBrowser - List view with context menu PlugoBrowser - Insert method box PlugoBrowser - File & Images Multiupload
Thumbnails view
List view with context menu
Insert method box
File & Images Multiupload